Role of Science Diplomacy in Addressing Global Water Challenges

Science Diplomacy, as a practice, is gaining prominence around the world as part of the emerging multi-track diplomacy system. It functions at the intersection of ‘internationalization of science’, ‘science and technology as a foreign policy tool’ and ‘scientific evidence for global policy’. The relevance of non-state, non-diplomatic actors are constantly increasing in international engagement, particularly, towards addressing some of the pressing challenges that the world faces today.

Globally, the water crisis has been raising alarm – prolonged droughts, fluctuating agriculture patterns and associated food and energy security challenges, cities running out of water, issues related safety and accessibility of drinking-water and water-borne health problems, etc. Addressing these challenges require interventions at every possible level – ranging from appropriate policies, having access to necessary know-hows, technology transfer and absorption capacity, and, community practices and interventions. In today’s interconnected world, with a tightly-knit value chain around the globe, water-related challenges inevitably require international engagements – global challenges require global solutions!

This special session will aim to

  • gather experts and practitioners working at the crossroads of “international S&T engagement” and “addressing water challenges” at different levels – government, industry, academia and civil society
  • deliberate on the role(s) played by various stakeholder
  • facilitate a discussion towards building a holistic, sector-specific science diplomacy framework by creating strong inter-linkages among the stakeholders in different tracks

Format of the Session:

Introduction : Science Diplomacy Action Framework (Government, Industry, Academia and Community – multilateral facilitation bodies (UN water, Water Futures, etc.) – Conceptual Understanding.

Panel : Includes representation from Government/Diplomatic setup, Industry, Academic, Civil society (NGO), and Multilateral platforms. Starting with a series of lightening talk by each discussant (~5 -10 min each), followed by a dynamic, high-level, facilitated (moderated) conversations with the discussants.

Fishbowl : Open conversation with the lead discussants in which a moderator facilitates and engages different audience members to join the discussion (Q&A).

Participation :Those who are interested in participating in this discussion please send your CV and a motivation statement (couple of sentences highlighting what motivates you to attend this session) to, before 15 August 2019.

We would acknowledge your expression of interest and confirm your participation by email before 20 August 2019.